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What will be the prom dress trends in 2022?

Sleeves are beautiful and vintage.

Red carpet looks with a twist

Jumpsuits with rhinestones

Elegant ball gowns

Prints of animals

Metallic colors

Colorful blocks of interest

Floral designs that are subtle.

After the chilly, rainy winter passes, prom is just a few weeks away. Even though the event is months away, it’s never too early to start planning!


Trends come and go as quickly as time. We’ve selected the ones that will last far into the new year.


Prom dress fashions have never been more diversified, ranging from snakeskin designs to metallic colors and feminine ball dresses to sassy jumpsuits. To top it off, the Roaring Twenties are making a comeback!




Let’s start with these adorable puff sleeves. Choose a short dress to balance off the top volume. The focal point of an outfit is puff sleeves. Off-the-shoulder and one-shoulder dresses are very popular. 2020 is all about the playful shoulder detail.




Vintage is trendy because the 1920s are making a comeback, exactly a century later. Choose a classic, straightforward silhouette rather than one with puff sleeves to get the effect. Think shimmering beading or stunning sequins to reflect the light in the details.




Allow big award presentations and red carpet events to inspire you. It’s all about showing off your assets on the red carpet. Bodycon, figure-hugging shapes with daring V-necklines, spaghetti straps, and thigh-high slits are the order of the day. However, before making a purchase, check with your school’s dress code.




In 2020, jumpsuits will be king. They are beautiful, powerful, and fearless. Some women simply despise dresses, and if you’re one of them, jumpsuits are here to help. The prom jumpsuit is just as proper and formal as a gown, but its uniqueness makes it incredibly charming and trendy.


Jumpsuits come in a variety of styles to suit different tastes and body shapes. Jumpsuits with a one-shoulder cut and a 70s vibe are a terrific way to mix two big trends.




While “cupcake” dresses are no longer fashionable, you might select for a tulle variation. Tulle tiers are fashionable and dramatic. Sequins and gorgeous ombre dyes attract attention.




Don’t worry if you don’t feel at ease in a jumpsuit or a tailored dress; traditional ball dresses are also popular. Traditional A-line shapes will be all throughout the country for Prom 2020. This lovely, romantic design will make you feel like a queen, all dressed up and sophisticated.




Snake print, zebra print, tiger print, leopard print, and other animal prints are likely to be popular at Prom 2022. If this is your style, wear a midi or short dress with black shoes and accessories, little jewelry, and light make-up. Animal patterns are busy and may quickly become overwhelming.


Because snakeskin is a neutral print, it might appear monotonous from head to toe. If you want to add a little of edge, we recommend a neon tint.




Two-tone is popular right now, especially in color combinations like red and pink. You’d know this if you’ve been following red carpet events over the last few months. These color combinations create airy works of art.


prom dress with METALLIC COLORS


Another feature of prom 2020 will be holographic colors, like rose gold and turquoise, as well as conventional grey and black. This isn’t the first time that metallic gowns have become popular for prom. This glitzy, ultra-modern design is all about showcasing your own identity.


Other common metallic color tones are gunmetal, silver, and gold, although any other hue will do. This season, ruby red, royal blue, and a variety of other hues, as well as various decorations and materials, will be seen.


For a long time, the red carpet has been flooded with “naked” dresses, but not all prom dress regulations allow them. Wear a slip liner underneath if you want the see-through look.


LARGE FLORALS prom dress


3D flower designs, like animal prints, may be overpowering. Ensure that you are wearing the dress rather than the other way around. We propose beaded flower blossoms with spectacular jewelry for an understated look.




This year, Jovani has a stunning line of transparent prom dresses and jumpsuits. The jewel-encrusted stunners are all about displaying your figure in a smart and classy manner. These dresses belong at major Hollywood events. If you like this look, look for distinctive and elegant details like fringe or shoulder ruffles.


Stunning, metallic, figure-hugging versions with fitted silhouettes and strapless bodices are also available from this designer. If you pick a metallic dress, we suggest combining it with neutral, white, or black accessories.


Andrea & Leo presents a stunning range of stained-glass evening dresses that are modern and vibrant. The wide scoop neck is framed by sheer, slim sleeves. Along the breast and midriff, the lines provide a contoured fit. The waist is encircled by a broad, contrasting band. The A-line skirt has a full length ripple.


These and other designers, whose 2020 prom collections Rimolin has the pleasure of carrying, provide a wide range of sequin prom dresses that follow the metallic trend. Any shape may benefit from these decorations. Iridescent, reversible, gradient, and pattern effects are available. The possibilities are nearly limitless. A gleaming design will appear fashionable, affluent, and magnificent.


The patterned sequin prom dresses from our top designers are the epitome of style and sophistication. You may select from a variety of designs and accessories.


Metallic accessories may amp up the glam factor of your prom ensemble. Make a chignon bun or loose waves to complete your look.




Thank you for taking the time to go through our summary of the top 2022 prom dress trends. The most popular fabrics, colors, patterns, designs, shapes, and designers, as well as the most appropriate accessories, were mentioned. Those interested in learning more about prom trends should visit Rimolin’ blog and draw from our expert expertise.

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