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Chocker necklace

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With its return and improvement, the choker necklace is one of those fashion trends that we can’t wait to see more of in the coming seasons. You will see them on the bodies of every blogger, celebrity, and lady in your neighborhood — regardless of whether she purchased or produced it herself. The most popular jewelry item in 2016 and 2017 was the diamond ring, and it is predicted to continue to be the most popular jewelry item in 2018.

Most people would quickly think of choker necklaces that were popular in the 1990s if you mention the decade.
While choker necklaces have been a mainstay of the fashion scene for hundreds of years, their design has evolved with time, taking on new forms and materials as technology progresses. A modest choker necklace unearthed in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts dates to between 2400 and 1500 B.C.E.

What exactly do choker necklaces mean?

Despite the fact that wearing a choker necklace may seem unconventional, many people are intrigued by the symbolism behind it.

Chokers, despite the mixed views that many have about them, seem to be making a resurgence in the fashion industry. When it comes to the history of the fashion industry, chokers have never been bolder or more beautiful than they are at this moment. Choker necklace opponents believe that they are “too” sexual and that they send a message of promiscuity via the acts of the wearer, which is untrue.

There is no compelling evidence to support the claim that choker necklaces are associated with a negative connotation, especially considering their long history of use. What does wearing a choker necklace imply, precisely, is unclear.

Amazing discovery : a choker is nothing more than a stunning necklace on its own. If you have a long neck, wearing your necklaces close to your body is a fantastic way to bring attention to it. Chokers, like every other type of necklace, have a symbolic significance that is distinct from that of the other types. At this point, there is nothing more that can be said about it.

Necklaces with chokers have a poor image due to the fact that they were originally worn by prostitutes to denote their occupation.

Are choker necklaces now considered bad?

A choker necklace can be a good alternative for you to consider. Is it truly necessary for me to put one on before going out? It totally depends on your taste!

It is worthwhile to learn more about the history of this necklace since it has a wonderful narrative to tell. Despite their reputation for being promiscuous, they have been worn by kings and celebrities, as well as ballerinas and political activists, among other people.

Big necklaces were popular among celebrities and the general public in the 1990s, just as they are now, but they were also popular among alternative subcultures at the time. Chokers have been associated with a sexual connotation as a result of the popularity of fashionable chokers. In reaction to fashion trends on the Internet, choker necklaces have come to be connected with submissive and provocative themes.

You may want to think about how many other pieces of jewelry and clothing you would feel comfortable wearing in the event that you are still undecided about whether or not a choker necklace is right for you. Among the season’s must-have styles are bodycon dresses, stiletto heels, and gold anklets, with red lipstick and bodycon dresses at the top of the list. What do you think about wearing these clothes on a regular basis? Is it all right? It is entirely up to you whether or not you want to wear them all at the same time, but if you do, no one should be able to influence your choice.

What is the gist of everything?

Choker necklaces are completely optional, and you are welcome to wear one if you so choose. The choice was excellent, no matter what your feelings are on the subject!


What’s the best way to wear a choker?

Choker necklaces may be worn by anybody, but there are a few things to keep in mind before wearing one of these beauties. Choker necklaces are appropriate for women of all ages and ethnicities, and they may be worn at any time of day or night, for any occasion, and with any attire. In terms of choker necklaces, following fundamental guidelines may help you appear wonderful whether you’re a jewelry novice or a seasoned professional looking for what’s going to be fashionable this year.

choker necklace

Rimolin tips:


  • When wearing a choker, the best advice is to keep your earrings on the tiny side. When wearing a choker necklace, especially oversized earrings, keep in mind that your neck extends from your chin to your ears. Large dramatic earrings may take attention away from the choker and frame your face in a boxy manner. This is not to imply that several earrings or anything of great impact are off-limits! Make sure your earrings don’t go overboard while wearing a choker!


  • When designing a choker necklace, take in mind the kind of neckline you’ll be wearing with the necklace in mind as well. Wearing a crew neck shirt in the same color as your choker underneath your choker is a subtle way to tie your accessories into your overall look. This is evident in the way a black velvet choker is worn with a black t-shirt. When you wear your top like this, it will look as if it is an extension of your lower half, making you appear much more polished and put together.


  • When worn in layers, basic thin chokers may be used to dress up or down any ensemble. Make a comprehensive and well-thought-out neck party attire by selecting a metal hue and then an accent color. When it comes to appropriately dressing a choker necklace, a good rule of thumb is to wear thinner ones during the day and layer them up at night. You could even go for a single thicker choker in a midnight blue or crimson for something a bit more intriguing than a simple black choker if you’re going out in the evening.To create an interesting layered appearance, wear your choker with the lariat necklace that you bought earlier. What exactly is a lariat necklace, you may wonder? It’s a necklace that doesn’t have a clasp, so you have to make a knot with the jewelry piece itself. Lariat may also be translated as lasso, which will give you an idea of how these necklaces seem. A portion of the necklace is draped down to create the appearance of a pendant. Lariat necklaces may be worn as a choker by tying the knot more tightly and adding a longer chain to the end of the necklace. For a sophisticated formal event, you may wear a lariat necklace back to front so that the long section of it cascades down your back and neck.Wearing a layered choker, lariat, and choker combo with a backless dress or top will make you stand out from the crowd.

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