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dress for your holiday ! 2020 has been a really distinctive, one-of-a-kind year. While we might dwell on the chaotic times and imagine all the pleasure we missed out on during the lockdown, we prefer to focus on the positive.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has taught us many things, but at its core is the value of spending time with family. There’s more family time to go around this year, especially during the Yuletide season, with numerous activities canceled.


This lovely holiday season is the best time to spend time with family and play dress-up at home. Even if you aren’t going to any events, you don’t have to look like something the cat brought in.


Dressing up with the family is a fun way to spend time together and relaxes both young and elderly.


Your virtual workplace party is another great reason to dress up this holiday! You can still wow your coworkers through their computer displays. Is there a family Christmas gathering planned on Zoom? Put on some makeup and act the role!




Depending on the occasion, some sorts of gowns will be more appropriate. Let’s take a look at some of the most important holiday events and the best outfits to wear to them.


Formal vs. informal


One of the most important factors to consider when selecting a dress for your event is the sort of occasion. If you’re throwing a virtual or in-person work party, see if there’s a theme. Knowing that there is a recurring motif can help you limit down your dress search.


If there aren’t any, a cocktail dress is appropriate for daytime business parties. It’s important to remember that this is still a business function, therefore proper attire is required. For a semi-formal appearance, choose a stunning cocktail dress from Lara.


If your work party is scheduled for the evening, it will be a little more formal, but you will have a little more flexibility. You can be less formal while still adhering to the business dress code, if one exists. At your nighttime work party, wear an Ellie Wilde gown, or a basic home-worthy outfit by Fely Campo if it’s a virtual party.


Family Gatherings


Is your gathering a modest family barbecue? Or perhaps a virtual family reunion? Jumpsuits are comfortable and casual enough for a family gathering. Some of them, such as the Odrella Jumpsuit, are quite fashionable.


Even if it’s a small gathering, you may still make an impression with your outfit. This Jovani little dress is a sophisticated item with gleaming studs that seem festive.


Isn’t it starting to feel like Christmas? That’s the spirit of the season!





Since COVID, masks have become one of the requirements of the times. You’re not entirely clothed without a mask if you’re heading to a physical party, whether at work or elsewhere.


Choose a couture mask to compliment your attire rather than a raggedy mask to damage your fancy dress. Check out our Andrea and Leo sequined designer masks in a variety of colors to match your ensemble.



Christmas and the holiday season are full with bright colors. Even if you’re wearing the most stunning gown, wearing certain colors during this season might throw your entire atmosphere off. Browns, for example, are not appropriate for this season; perhaps they should be saved for fall.


This year, we’ll be wearing red and green outfits to match the Christmas hues. This Yuletide, white, nude, and shiny shimmering hues make an appearance at several celebrations.


White dresses in the winter may be accessorized with wonderful metallic jewelry, such as silver shoes and handbags. Nude hues look great on those with darker skin tones, especially if the party is going to be really glittery and dazzling.



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Rimolin has the largest range of high-end designer gowns from over 45 brands, ensuring that any lady may find a glamorous dress. Even amid this worldwide pandemic, we love to help you look your best. This Christmas season, not even a virus can keep you from being the center of attention. Have a merry Christmas by shopping our gorgeous range of Christmas dresses and cocktail attires!

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