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No matter whether you’re looking for a bridal gown or a new everyday dress, the most essential thing to remember is the silhouette. The fact that there are more dress styles than there are different human body types makes it tough to make a choice..

Dress silhouette refers to the shape of a dress that is cut out from the fabric. Fresh designs are created by fashion designers by beginning with the shape in mind. Some of the most popular dress forms are the A-line, trumpet, mermaid, empire, sheath, and straight.

Instead of basing your decision on what your favorite celebs are wearing, think about what you want to wear yourself. The most important factors are your own body type and the styles that best fit you. If you follow this advice, you’ll have a greater understanding of your body type and the dress silhouettes that are most suited to you, allowing you to make more informed purchasing decisions.

does choosing proper silhouette dress depend on your body type?

Before you start looking at gowns, take a peek in the mirror and get a sense of your body shape.. One of the four types listed below describes most women.


The form of an athlete’s body is described as rectangle. Due to its unusual profile, this body shape is characterized by hips that are smaller than the shoulders. Athletic or rectangular body types with an unclear waist may achieve a straight line from the shoulders to the hips by squaring the shoulders. Women with athletic figures must maintain a balance between their upper and lower bodies in order to achieve an hourglass shape.


Artists love the hourglass shape because it is curvy, proportionate, and well-balanced. It is said that individuals with this body type have “curves in all the right places,” as well as a chest and hips that are wider than the waist. Having a “hourglass” shape is developed on this body type due to its naturally smaller waist.



Pear figures, also known as triangle figures, are characterized by a thinner upper torso, while the hips and thighs are more prominent. Adding more volume to the upper region of a pear or triangle body shape might help it seem more proportionate.



Apple or round forms are known for having a shorter, undefined waist and thin legs, as well as a flatter bottom, compared to other shapes. This body type has a torso that is both excessively massive and disproportionately heavy for its height. The upper body should be emphasized if you have an apple or spherical physique to get the finest equilibrium.

For each body type, there are certain DOs and DON’Ts to follow for best silhouette dress

After you’ve determined which body type you fall into, it’s much simpler to know what to wear and what not to wear depending on your physical characteristics. The guidelines that follow will assist you in getting your affairs in order.



In an athletic or rectangular form, define the waist to provide the illusion of curves while maintaining the contour.

Mermaid, empire, and A-line dresses, which accentuate the waist, are the most flattering styles for athletic or rectangular-shaped women to wear. Another technique for creating the illusion of curves is to wear necklines with one shoulder, V-neck, and strapless designs.

It is recommended that women with athletic figures avoid wearing sheath dresses because of the ultra-straight shape, which will simply showcase their body’s lack of definition. Avoid wearing dresses with high necklines or halter tops if you have an athletic body type since they will draw attention away from your face and waist and instead to your shoulders.

HOURGLASS and silhouette dress

Because of its appealing proportions, the hourglass form is much sought after by women.

The hourglass figure is enhanced by wearing dresses with natural curves, such as mermaids, trumpets, and sheaths. Dresses with sweetheart or V-neck necklines will flatter and highlight your best features without completely embracing your body, making them excellent for people who want a more modest appearance.

Women with hourglass figures should steer clear of dresses with high waistlines, such as empire gowns, ball gowns, and evening gowns, since they tend to hide rather than highlight their slim waists.

choosing best silhouette dress for PEAR body type

Women who have a pear-shaped body must find methods to offset their tighter midsection with their broader, curvier bottom half, which may be difficult.

Women with a pear body type should look for dresses with an A-line or ball gown silhouette that disguise the hips. Among the most flattering necklines are the one-shoulder, V-neck, scoop, and strapless styles.

Pear-shaped ladies should avoid wearing mermaid or trumpet gowns, which draw attention to the hips and add even more weight to a woman’s already disproportionate bottom half. Halter tops and skirts with high necklines should also be avoided if you have an hourglass body.


what about silhouette dress and APPLE/ROUND body type?

Because they carry the majority of their weight above the hips, women with apple or round figures have the widest torsos of any body type. When it comes to this body type, it’s all about emphasizing the neckline, elongating the shape, and emphasizing the legs.

Those who have an apple or round body type would appear best in ball gowns and dresses with high waistlines, such as empire and A-line dresses. Tea-length and knee-length dresses are the most flattering lengths for elongating the figure, while sweetheart necklines are the most flattering for accentuating the face.

The mermaid and the trumpet, as well as straight shapes like as the sheath, should be avoided by women with an apple shape body type. By using these outlines, you may draw attention to the widest part of an apple-shaped body. You should avoid wearing dresses with thin or straight straps, as well as dresses with strapless straight designs, since they will draw attention away from your face. This includes ballgowns, which should be avoided as well.

Whether you are shopping for a formal event or just looking for the ideal summer dress, understanding and shopping for your own body type is essential before you can find the correct silhouette dress for your needs. If you follow the advise in the steps above, you will be pleased with the outcomes.

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