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Do you ever get weary of just being able to wear a single piece of jewelry because you wish you could? Do you ever feel like you should be able to wear more? Anyone who started this trend must have made the decision to go all out and wear every piece of jewelry they had, since now everyone else is doing the same thing as them. There’s no need to limit yourself when you can embrace all of your jewels at the same time! Here are some suggestions on “How to match layered jewelry” to assist you in getting the most out of your pieces.

If you want to be successful in today’s most popular style, you must grasp how to properly stack your jewelry. For the foreseeable future, the style of layering will continue to increase in popularity and will continue to be carried forward by fashion designers and stylists.

Using jewelry to show one’s uniqueness and personalize one’s appearance has never been more popular than it is right now, especially to the popularity of layering. Many people may find it difficult to choose the appropriate goods and put them together in the suitable order. There are a few things to bear in mind in order to do the task effectively.


How to Wear Necklaces in a Layered Fashion

As a starting point, you should experiment stacking necklaces while keeping in mind a few fashion no-nos. To get a stylish look, the kind of metals you’re mixing and the lengths that are appropriate for your body shape are the most significant elements to consider. Layering necklaces may be accomplished in a number of ways, including:

In order to obtain a graduated look, it is necessary to combine delicate, little necklaces with heavier, longer necklaces. You may create some contrast by stacking petite diamonds with a somewhat longer pendant necklace and then finishing with a bigger and heavier medallion-style necklace since the design is so soft and delicate.

A more individualized look is achieved by combining a custom-made necklace with a few little charm necklaces and a longer pendant chain. Add a personal touch to your layering ensemble by wearing it with a name necklace, an initial charm, or a meaningful date engraved on a bar necklace. For the purpose of bringing some color into the space, a pendant light that is the same color as the wall may be used.

You are welcome to accessorize your attire with a collar if you so like. A button-up shirt and denim jacket are the perfect outfits for stacking heavy necklaces on top of each other, and this is one of them. Try not to get too thrilled with this particular look and instead stick to the general concept.

Keep in mind that both large and little necklaces may be stacked with one another for a more dramatic effect. Pairing little and large pieces with medium-sized ones is a common practice.


layered jewelry | Rimolin


layered Watches and Bracelets


In-Vogue During The Day

Begin with a bracelet that has gold trim and comes in a range of hues. Wearing a bright wrap bracelet will bring attention to your wrist and make it stand out. Overlay a tiny beaded bracelet on top of an elaborate bangle for a stunning look. When you’re on vacation, it’s usually a good idea to accessorize with a bracelet to complete your look. Make sure to paint the tips of your nails in a color that matches one of the hues in the stack to complete the look.



Layer on more beaded, patterned, and wrapped bracelets as you work your way down to your hand, until your arm gives way beneath the pressure. It is possible to pair the massive cuff with a second, smaller cuff, or even with a dreamcatcher pendant strung from a tiny chain, to create a stunning look.



If you’re trying for a more conservative style, you don’t want to overdo it with bracelets or too much color. Cuffs and chain link bracelets are a great way to start your jewelry collection since they are so versatile. After that, a bigger cuff, maybe made of a different metal such as gold or rose gold, might be added to the ensemble. A full circle or titan bracelet in a dark, weighty metal completes the look with a final flourish.


Delicately Feminine

In this design, you’ll have to spend a little more time picking which bracelets to wear since there are so many options. Keep in mind that it must be coordinated with your clothing. Being well-dressed is essential for elegance; consequently, any old thing will have to do for the time being. Bulky chain links, for example, do not function well in this design. Small chains and delicate charms complement each other well, letting you to mix and match colors without getting too congested with them. It is important that the bracelet stack does not distract from, but rather improves, the look of your clothing.


layered Rings

The ability of stacking rings gets more difficult when you layered different metals and weights; consequently, it is definitely a skill that must be learned.

It is necessary to experiment with different weights and thicknesses in order to get the correct fit for each individual finger. If you want to give the design more height, you may also include a long ring into it.

If you want to double up on your rings, you should only wear two rings on one middle finger.

Because a hand piece should be kept to a minimum, experiment with very little rings on the middle finger and at least one midi ring on the ring finger of the other hand. If you’re trying for a certain look, it’s fine to experiment with different hairstyles or to leave a statement handpiece alone.

It is possible to construct a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry by stacking different colors of the same ring together. When it comes to color pairings, there is no such thing as too much excitement, which is why you should restrict yourself to no more than two complimentary colors in a single outfit.

Why not try it out with one hand full of gold and the other hand full of silver and see how it goes? When you utilize the same pattern but a different hue, it creates a sense of harmony across the whole effect.

Your bracelets should be the same color as your rings. Although you should allow your jewelry stacking to represent your own style, you should avoid allowing it to distract you from the overall purpose of the arrangement. Add a matching set to the equation to give it a more sophisticated feel, if desired.


Common mistakes to avoid” are listed below


  •  Never take action if you are unclear of what you are doing. You are not have to wear every piece of jewelry in your jewelry box if it does not seem to be appropriate. Keep in mind that you are not decorating a traditional Christmas tree, but rather something a bit more understated.


  • Make an effort to stick to no more than two different metal finishes if at all feasible.


  • Make certain that your midi rings are the appropriate size before buying them to avoid them drifting away into empty space.


  •  Before you go, consider whether or not you could be overdoing it by going there. According to Coco Chanel, a lady should remove one piece of jewelry before leaving the house and take a moment to glance in the mirror before leaving the house. Even if things have changed, the golden guideline remains the same: no matter what, maintain it elegant and classy.

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