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Initial personalized necklaces

Traditional Name Necklace

This best-selling name necklace is the one if you want a personalized piece of jewelry but prefer to keep it basic.

For maximum customization and a match for your style, it is available in three sizes: delicate, classic, and statement.

You can wear a specific word or name that means something to you every day around your neck.

This unique necklace is a real head-turner and a timeless essential for any outfit.

Name Necklace for Carrie

The Carrie Bradshaw necklace was one of the major pop culture Y2K trends, if you weren’t living under a rock in the early 2000s.

The actress who played Carrie in the show, Sarah Jessica Parker, wore this stunning name necklace with a curl at the end all the time. Now you can own one of your own, succeed in New York City, and choose your chosen pendant size in silver, gold, or rose gold.

Arabic-language jewelry

We have you covered, Arabic speakers and those who like an occasional unique experience.

Beautiful and distinctive, this necklace with Arabic lettering will definitely make you stand out.

It may be customized with your name to be translated into Arabic, allowing you to be the real princess of the Mediterranean that you are.

personalized Name Choker Necklace

This one is for Y2K trend enthusiasts and really anyone who like Gen-Z fashion.

A short chain initial choker necklace with up to 8 characters that may be used to spell your name or initials.

Prepare to be the most fashionable person in the room since it looks so lovely when worn alone and stacked with longer necklaces.

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medieval name necklace

You guys, goth is coming back.
Simply glance at your Instagram feed to see famous people like Megan Fox and Kourtney Kardashian rocking black and crimson ensembles, lace corsets, and, of course, cross and name necklaces in the gothic style.

Everyone will want to know where you acquired this pendant, which has your name engraved in an old English font style that is currently highly fashionable.

Birthstone Name Necklace With Underline Heart

One of our all-time best sellers, this necklace has your name in lovely cursive, hearts that form and underline beneath it, and, to top it all off, a distinctive colored gemstone representing the month of your birth.

The name necklace makes the ideal birthday or holiday present.

Necklaces with birthstones

personalized Family Tree Birthstone Necklace

No location compares to home, and no family is like a home.

With this unique tree of life necklace featuring the names and birthstones of your family members, you can keep your loved ones near by and united at all times. It has a distinctive appearance and a specific meaning for you because of its circular form and delicate workmanship.

initial necklace with birthstones

Give it the most personal touch possible by adding your initial and birthstone, which together beautifully capture your personality.

Evil Eye Birthstone Necklace

The evil eye has long been thought to bring terrible karma.

The evil eye sign itself and birthstones, special gemstones thought to protect and heal, are only two of the countless amulets and protective items that have been used to ward off the evil eye’s bad energies.

Wear this necklace every day, if not for protection than at least for style, and customize it with your own birthstone.

Baby Feet With Birthstone Engraved

Is a friend or relative of yours about to become a new mother?

This sweet baby foot necklace is a lovely and considerate present for any expectant mother, or even for yourself.

A wonderfully special present for any caring mother out there, it displays the baby’s birthstone and date of birth.

Sets of Custom Necklaces

Couple’s Yin and Yang Necklace

Who is your Yin and Yang?

Now, you don’t even need to use words to express to someone how much they mean to you.

This necklace set includes two different necklaces in the forms of Yin and Yang, each of which is personalized with the other person’s unique name and birthstone. It is a heartfelt and meaningful present for your lover.

Birthstone Necklace Set for Mother and Daughter

The attachment between a mother and daughter is unique.

With this lovely set of matching necklaces, honor your mother or daughters.

Small heart necklaces for her daughters as well as a round pendant necklace for the mother with cutout hearts for each of her children.

Heart Necklace Broken

This necklace will effectively convey to your sweetheart that they are your other half.

Half a heart and the other person’s name are included on each necklace in this stunning “his and hers” necklace combination.

Matching 3D bar necklaces with engraving

This is the perfect option if you want the hippest pair jewelry set yet detest corniness.

The two necklaces in this his and hers necklace set each include a 3D bar pendant with text etched on each of its four sides.

You may select from 1-4 sides to have engraving done on either the black or silver necklace. This is unquestionably the ideal present for any occasion, including anniversaries.

Name Necklaces With Infinity

Named Infinity Necklace

This one is a classic, and there’s a good reason why it’s one of our all-time top sellers.

This lovely infinity-shaped necklace can accommodate up to four names, making it ideal as a friendship necklace for you and your three dearest friends, a couple’s necklace with two names on opposing sides, or a one-name necklace.

Necklace with an infinity symbol

Sometimes you just want to keep things simple when it comes to jewelry.

This simple infinity necklace is ideal for expressing your love for someone or just as a sweet addition to your jewelry collection.

Give an infinity necklace to someone you intend to stay with forever since it symbolizes an enduring relationship.

Infinity name necklace with a custom message

With this necklace, you receive two necklaces in one: an infinity necklace and a name necklace.

It’s elegant, timeless, and customized. Select a word or part of your name that has the most significance for you and couple it with the infinity symbol.

Cross necklaces made to order

Name Cross Necklace

Wear a cross-shaped necklace with your name inscribed on it every day to be reminded of your beliefs and principles.

This lovely sterling silver cross necklace with laser engraving is manufactured to order.

Christ-centered necklace

You wouldn’t want to take off this stunning necklace because it is so unusual and one of a kind.

Jesus’ name is written over the vertical section of the dainty cross pendant in a lovely cursive script.

Necklace with a Greek Orthodox Cross

The Greek Orthodox Church has a distinctive cross form with decorations at each end and its letters on both of the horizontal ends.

This necklace will be such a special present if you or a loved one identifies with the Greek Orthodox faith.

Cross-shaped Necklace with a name

Your name or a special word is engraved on the cross-shaped pendant on this delicate and lovely name necklace.

It’s a meaningful and beautiful present idea for your religious friends and family.

Necklaces with your own fingerprints

Traditional Fingerprint Pendant

A silver oval necklace with your loved one’s actual fingerprint engraved on it is a nice, heartfelt, and non-cheesy present.

There is nothing more lovely than wearing a loved one’s fingerprint around your neck.

personalized Fingerprint Name Necklace Heart

This one is a no-brainer if you want intricate embellishments.

It is a heart-shaped pendant necklace with an imprinted fingerprint and name.

You may pick your own fingerprint, your name, or the name of a loved one to give yourself a wonderfully lovely gift.

Personalized Anniversary Thumbprint Necklace with Name

A fingerprint, name, and anniversary or birthday date are engraved on the square silver pendant of this elegant necklace. It’s the ideal birthday present for your girlfriend or boyfriend and is packed with sentimental value and individuality.

Custom choker necklaces

Name Necklace Choker

Your name is engraved in sterling silver on this stunning black choker in the Y2K style, and it’s a 90s fad that we’re totally cool with coming back.

personalized choker necklace

You may wonder what a monogram is.

Your initials can be displayed artistically in a lovely swirl painting.

Your monogram on a black velvet choker is a genuinely one-of-a-kind piece of personalized jewelry that will make all your friends envious.

Chain Choker in Herringbone

This stunning silver or gold choker is formed of tiny pieces that come together to make a flat chain. It looks stunning stacked with different lengths and types of chains.

Trust us when we say that this is a must-have item in any jewelry box because it’s also a lovely standalone piece.

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