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When meteors hit the planet, the nearby minerals undergo extreme heating and combine to form glass known as tektites. Impact glass from a meteor strike in the Czech Republic 14.8 million years ago is unusual and stunning; it is called moldavite. It is an old, extraterrestrial material that was created by a cataclysmic collision between the earth and the universe. When held up to the light, moldavite necklace glows a mysteriously dark green as opposed to the more typical impenetrable black of other impact glasses.

One of the hardest stones to deal with in spiritual practice is moldavite, which has an energy similar to floor-pushing a speeding automobile or taking a sharp drop on a rollercoaster. Moldavite is, to put it briefly, pure spiritual strength. This energy may be incredibly motivating and uplifting in the right hands, but if correct grounding and centering techniques aren’t used, it can become chaotic. It has ferociously defensive characteristics, may make for intense and engaging ritual labor, and causes strange interactions with all of your other crystals and ritual tools. Moldavite can be for you if you’re seeking for a crystal that will shine like a shooting star. Just remember to wear a seatbelt.

For those who adore deep earth tones, springtime hues, or just are outspoken about their passion of green, moldavite necklaces are ideal. Consider adding some jasper, peridot, or emerald jewelry to your collection for a complete, rich range of green jewelry. Even the most well-dressed fashionistas are likely to be green with envy when they see a well-rounded collection that includes a moldavite necklace.

Any ensemble will look better with one of RIMOLIN’s moldavite necklaces, which provide a rich splash of luscious green. When getting ready for a memorable night out, adorn the neckline of your favorite formalwear. When you include it in your business dress, you’ll stand out from the crowd. Although there aren’t as many moldavite necklace designs as there are stars in the sky, there is still enough variety to suit every taste, occasion, and price range.