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Ruby stone

Ruby is an aluminum oxide crystal that may be dyed with different types of minerals to produce varied hues. If the gem’s color is ruby red, it is referred to as a ruby. The inclusion of titanium and iron in the ruby stone contributes to the stone’s blue hue. A yellow color known as “topaz oriental” is produced only by iron. Additionally, the combination of titanium and iron generates a shade of green, and believe it or not, the combination of aluminum oxide, titanium, and iron produces a shade of purple. A reddish-orange sapphire, which is a blend of chromium and iron, is a rare and popular kind of sapphire. White sapphire is a mineral that is absolutely free of any other minerals and is completely transparent. Sapphires are all sorts of rubies that are not red in color, and this moniker is most often connected with the color blue;


top facts for these mysterious stone

protect you against the evil eye

A medieval historian tells about the characteristics of purple sapphire that kings took with them to shield them from the threat of physical damage as well as the salty gaze of the courtiers throughout their reign.

Stellar sapphires were utilized as a protection against the evil eye and as a mirror to reflect the bad intentions of those who sent them in ancient times.

The characteristics of the sapphire stone will aid you in realizing your material goals and desires while also improving your subsistence and safeguarding your money

ruby for magical power

Witches made use of the characteristics of sapphire to strengthen their power and direct their magical energies in a more effective manner.

It helps to maintain the equilibrium of the fifth and sixth chakras in the body.

The Indians thought that this rock represented the planet Saturn and that it served as a portal to the celestial regions.
The sapphire has the property of assisting you in receiving heavenly messages as well as clarifying the messages you have received. Using it while resting can assist you in discovering your hidden powers as well as making your understanding of the purpose of life more evident.

another aspect of sapphire is that putting it on the forehead and engaging with the sixth or third eye chakra may be quite beneficial in terms of increasing psychic awareness. Sapphires of all colors, including blue, purple, and white, are excellent for stimulating the seventh or crown chakra and removing the route of negative energy and their passage throughout the chakra system.

ruby and sapphire magical power - Rimolin


 the second hardest stone after diamond is ruby and also sapphire

The hardness of sapphire is a very essential attribute and characteristic of the gemstone. The blue stone, often known as Mother Nature, is the second hardest stone after diamond, and is the most commonly encountered.

The sapphire gemstone has a hardness of 9 and a crystal structure consisting of three crystals.

where can we find ruby or sapphire ?

The huge sapphire mines are really the relics of volcanic and metamorphic veins of granite and marble that have been crushed along rivers and mountain slopes during thousands of years of exploitation. This sapphire may be found in significant quantities in Rimolin fashion store , Burma, Brazil, Australia, North America, Thailand, Kashmir, and Africa, among other places.

peace and avoid additional carnage

The signatories had ambassadors with them at the moment of signing the peace treaty, whose mission was to establish real peace and avoid additional carnage, as well as to exploit the characteristics of sapphire to this goal.
When a poisonous snake is placed next to the sapphire in a container, the snake dies because the blue stone protects it from venom, according to folklore.


sapphire is ability to keep focus sapphire

It also assists the user in organizing his ideas and achieving sure achievement, all while maintaining a positive and balanced attitude toward life. Simply said, one of the qualities of sapphire is its ability to keep focus.

outcome for you and your business partners by ruby

Ruby fosters justice and loyalty among partners and workers, and in unfavorable situations, if you are correct, it will result in the best possible outcome for you and your business partners.


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