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A polo game is all about appearing sophisticated and beautiful while taking in a lively sport that dates back thousands of years. This thrilling horse-mounted team sport is thought to have originated in the former Persian Empire. A team’s goal is to accrue as many points as they can. The four-person teams attempt to move the ball into and through the goal on the territory of their opponents. The players are typically required to change positions as necessary and execute defensive or attacking plays depending on the scenario, thus the distinctions between attackers and defenders on the teams can be hazy.


The game may be challenging, and dressing appropriately for it can be even more challenging, especially in light of the weather, the terrain, and the flexible dress code. Polo is an outdoor activity, therefore you should always dress appropriately. Additionally, especially in the UK, always be prepared for weather changes. One must be very careful not to under- or overdress because the preferred dress code is “casual smart” or “casual elegant.” There are, however, several exceptions to this rule. You’ll soon discover that a sophisticated cocktail dress or jumpsuit wouldn’t be inappropriate.


It’s crucial that you pick the right place. You may either choose the grandstand or the more exclusive members’ enclosure. Polo is typically played after lunch, so where you are at this meal is important. Are you going to a restaurant to eat? What sort of eatery? If not, do you intend to bring a picnic and sit on the grass?


A hat is appropriate in hot weather. Apart from that, nobody often wears hats to polo matches, especially ones with large brims. Don’t let Julia Roberts’ performance in Pretty Woman deceive you.




At polo matches, we’ve seen everything from full-skirted suits to flowing flowers to jumpsuits. Your organization and peers will choose the formality level. For women attending a polo match, dresses—from jersey and shifts to cocktail and maxi dresses—are a terrific option. In the past, women have chosen a variety of patterns, hues, and shapes.


In warmer weather, sundresses are perfect, but if you want to seem as sophisticated and exquisite as the royals watching the game, a patterned, ruffled, long silk chiffon dress or a twisted-front silk-satin one is the way to go. These are a some of the standout items from the summer collections at New York Dress. In colder conditions, use cotton or linen.


A lovely option would be a flowing flower pattern. Try a Saboroma jumpsuit with a wide V-cut neck and back for a more elegant appearance, or a jumpsuit from Halston Heritage with draped crepe georgette trim. Both of these designers’ merchandise is available at RIMOLIN Dress.




Jumpsuits are a gorgeous option. With a figure-hugging bodice enhanced by a plunging V-neck supported by off-shoulder embellishments and tapering straps that end in a V-cut back, you’ll steal the show. Straight-leg, full-length pants with a high waist complete the outfit. both lovely and cozy!


Try a knee-length dress with a pleated skirt if, like many of us, you prefer dresses. Any athletic event would be appropriate for this adorable outfit. Numerous similar styles from designer brands like Mac Duggal are available at New York Dress. One fantastic choice would be a cocktail dress with a deep V-cut back that more than makes up for the modest V-neckline. All body shapes may benefit from the tailored, sleeveless bodice. The vibrant dress is finished with a full, pleated skirt. Wear this dress with reasonably high heels and as few accessories as you can to achieve a young, athletic impression.


Julia Roberts was the subject of our prior discussion; while the headgear may have been inappropriate, the polka-dot dress was OK. If you decide on a polka dot design, pick a maxi, A-line, full, or shift dress.


Choose a high-low dress if you are unsure of the length. The high-low styles from Halston Heritage come in gorgeous colors. A polo match is a perfect place to flaunt your long legs.


Since practically every woman seeks a flexible fit, stretch textiles have become standard in polo matches and other sports activities. An iconic transition includes the use of contemporary shapes and novel textiles. Dresses composed of UV-blocking fabrics are available from several companies. A casual sophisticated ensemble will be adorned with vintage accents and handcrafted beading. Bring a lightweight jacket to protect you from rains.



Avoid wearing anything that is overly tight or too short since you want to feel comfortable. Although short, airy dresses are ideal in the summer, a polo match is an outdoor activity, and it could be windy. The dress shouldn’t need to be held down all day. To maneuver about the terrain more readily, it is best to wear flats or wedges. Always wear short, supportive shoes. If you must wear heels, choose just moderately high heels. Stilettos should not be worn because they will continually sink into the ground.


Feel free to accessorize with a vibrantly colored purse and jewelry if you choose for a straightforward, single- or two-tone dress. On the other hand, if the dress is already fairly ornate and striking, scale down on the accessories.



As you can see, you don’t have to choose between comfort and style for your upcoming polo match. Be kind and try not to take the occasion too seriously. At a polo match, style and clothing may convey a lot, and you’ll seem young, chic, and carefree. The best online store for exquisite clothing with a casual vibe is called New York Dress. Online, we have some of the largest selections of exquisite flowers, eye-catching patterns, sundresses, jumpsuits, and party dresses that are knee-length. For the magnificent polo match appearance you deserve, look no farther than New York Dress. Your desired outfit will be delivered straight to your front door.

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